National Entertainment Network (NEN) is the nation's largest entertainment vending company.

NEN defines front-end retail and restaurant entertainment with a diverse portfolio of vending platforms and products. Our portfolio includes crane games, capsule toy/confection stands and kiddie rides. Products dispensed from our equipment are plush toys, fine jewelry, small toys, candy and gum.

We are, by far, the nations largest entertainment vending company.

In addition to our own brand, NEN operates entertainment equipment under the Sugarloaf and Folz Vending names. Both brands have been synonymous with quality entertainment platforms for years, bringing fun, quality merchandise and excitement to customers of all ages.

This first-tier entertainment/confection portfolio is backed by an NEN field service team of nearly 700 directly-employed merchandising professionals, deployed from twelve regional offices. As such, NEN possesses the nations largest, and only, coast-to-coast entertainment vending service organization. Each week, for example, we service over 20,000 locations comprising the nations leading mass merchants, supermarkets and national restaurant chains. Resulting in-store equipment placements and first-tier products generate among the most profitable sales per sq. ft. for our customers.

Beyond great service, and quality merchandise, NEN also directly manufactures its own cranes and much of our own branded plush. Our Rainbow cranes are considered entertainment vendings finest, and our vertical manufacturing capacity ensures timely equipment deliveries and direct quality control oversight.

The quality which characterizes NENs equipment is further reflected in our products. Through strategic alliances with the world's largest entertainment companies, we directly manufacture leading plush characters from Disney, Warner Bros. (Superman, Loony Tunes, Scooby Doo, etc.), Hearst Publications (Betty Boop. Popeye, etc.) and more. In addition, we consistently feature plush based on leading NFL, NCAA and MLB teams. Finally, were consistently introducing new branded plush, from Fulanitos (hugely popular Mexican-based characters) to Crazy Bones (presently all the rage in the toy aisle). These topical licenses further compliment our classic plush range.

NEN's commitment to toy safety is without precedent. Our recognition of the importance of safety is exemplified by test reports we require for every item dispensed from our machines. These reports substantiate that items compliance with applicable Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines.

Finally, when it comes to revenue collection, NENs electronic tracking means centralized, rather than manual oversight, and from the coin-drop to the bank. Our field operations personnel use hand-held infrared technology to digitally record crane collections. These devices sync with software that reads the meter within each crane, uploading the information to a central data collection point. The result is entertainment vendings most complete loss prevention commitment.

It all adds up to a new paradigm for entertainment vending, from the National Entertainment Network!