Pure 1 was started in 1987 to develop an answer to the problems with 5-Gallon bottles of water? People told us that they didn't like the lifting or storing of those big 5-Gallon bottles. We also discovered that an open cooler reservoir had the potential for impurities to come in contact with the bottled water to reduce the quality. There was a "filtration cooler" available - which filtered tap water to be as pure as bottled water - but it really hadn't taken off. The reason was simple: people like to see the water in the bottle. So, we set out to invent and patent a "Self-Filling" bottle that would stay on top of the cooler. We used the best water filtration systems available so that you would have the capability to filter and chill your own water using the same technology the bottled water companys use just in a much smaller package. After extensive testing and trials, we now manufacture a 5-gallon self-filling bottle that gets plumbed in by our trained dealers to your municipal water for an endless supply of cold, clear, delicious water! You may ask yourself, “why do I need another piece of equipment to buy and maintain and how do I know when to change my filters?” The simple answer is: you dont. A Pure 1 dealer will rent you a unit for a flat monthly fee (usually much less than your bottled water bill) and maintain it and change your filters every 6 months. If there is ever a problem, place a call to your dealer and he comes to you, problem solved. What you'll have is delicious water - without lugging or storing those big jugs.

Why Pure 1?

With so many choices out there, why Pure 1? Well, there is only 1 company that is able to offer you protected drinking water in each and every system we offer. Utilizing our patented StayCleartm process, we protect your drinking water in our bottle with the chlorine that the municipality puts in and we remove right before you drink it with our super “Gravity Filtertm”. No other product can do what the Pure 1 bottle can do to keep your drinking water fresh and clean. And we do this with the good ol look of a regular bottled water cooler so you can really see just how clean your water is. Best of all, no more water deliveries! No delivery guy trotting thru the office. You will no longer need to both store full and empty bottles. You no longer need to be a weight lifter to pick up a 40 pound bottle 3 feet off the ground and then flip it over to put it on the cooler.

We take our job seriously and our dealers will come to you twice a year and make sure your bottle is clean and your filters are changed.

SF-10 SemperFresh Filtration System
Our NSF certified system on which all others are based. Utilizes our patented “Stay Clear” process to keep the municipally dispensed chlorine in the bottle. The chlorine is later removed with our “Gravity” filter. Includes a 5-micron pre-filter and a .22 micron air filter.

SP-25 SemperPro 25 gpd CTA Reverse Osmosis System
A 25-gallon per day reverse osmosis purification system (our most popular reverse osmosis system).

SP-35 SemperPro 35 gpd TFC Reverse Osmosis System
A 35-gallon per day reverse osmosis purification system for non-chlorinated applications.

SP-100 SemperPro 100 gpd TFC Reverse Osmosis System
A 100-gallon per day reverse osmosis purification system designed for maximum production.

SV-90 SemperUV Ultra Violet Filtration System
A 6-watt ultra violet disinfection system utilizing 5 micron and 1 micron absolute pre-filters.

SF-OZ SemperOZ Ozone Disinfection System
An Ozone disinfection system. The ultimate system designed to handle tough water conditions. Can be used with either filtration or reverse osmosis purification (reverse osmosis recommended to eliminate precipitate).


EZ-1 EasyFull Pour Through Filtration System
Our most basic, manually filled system. Includes the same processes as our SemperFresh system but requires no plumbing hookup.