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For over 25 years, InOne Technology has been providing vending machine technologies including VMC, cashless, remote data collection, LED lights & energy-saving devices and DEX. InOne delivers innovation services and self-serve automation technology to adjacent industries including ice distribution, airport baggage carts, commercial washer and dryer, route-based currency pick-up, clothing collection boxes, and a host of products and technologies now under production. Our experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated technology professionals have solutions for integration and customization of new machines, retrofit existing machines - with VMCs, LEDs, Audit Boxes and Sensors, Telemetry Technology to monitor machines and devices, web-based reporting and DEX Audit Kits and custom solutions to optimize performance, save manufacturing costs and reduce operating expense..

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IDEX Skyport Wireless Communication

IDEX Skyport Wireless Communication

IDEX Skyport Wireless Communication

The Skyport is the basic telemetry unit of the IDEX Remote Monitoring System. It functions as a stand-alone unit that retrieves the DEX from your machine and relays it to the InVision server or it interfaces with inVision Oneports and 485 Links to collect and relay the DEX information. It is the flexibility of the Skyport that makes the IDEX Remote Monitoring System so unique.

Skyport provides communication flexibility:

Immediate Access
Data available directly from the vending machine through remote data collection or handheld data collection.
* Alerts & Alarms
Get immediate notification of temperature, tampering and other machine health alarms.
* Low Monthly Cost
Delivers multiple DEX readings per day for one low cost.
* Ease of Installation
Plug and Play design insures ease of installation.
* Single DEX connect for all machines on LAN
Use IDEX Skyport in conjunction with other Skyports or IDEX Oneports to relay information to a single outside line via RF signals.
* Increase Collections And Accuracy With Less Labor
Determine machine visits and accurate detailed information on product requirements, while decreasing visits.
* Our MSM Technology provides the flexibility Others Cannot
What may work in one location may not be reasonable in another. With IDEX Skyport you can use Cellular, RF, RS485 and Telephone Modem to send data.
* Easily Expandable & Upgradeable
Designed to be remotely upgradeable to minimize service visits. Expands to insure that future technology can be easily incorporated.
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