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Hypercom is committed to providing high levels of support to its partners by offering a broad range of services for our POS payment systems and networking products. In addition to deployment, help desk, technical assistance and training for our products, Hypercom has consulting services that assist with customization, design, installation, integration, management and strategies, for both of our POS systems and networking devices. Detailed information concerning our services are explained below.

Asset Management Services
We are committed to providing a high-level of service and support to our customers either directly or through our distributors or third-party providers. A wide range of support services are available, such as deployment, help-desk, repairs, on-site technicians visits and the provision of supplies.

Authorize Repair Facility
Hypercom's Authorized Repair Facility (ARF) enables third-party POS repair facilities to service and repair Hypercom equipment (such as POS Terminals, PIN Pads, Printers, etc.). For more information, contact any one of our authorized repair facilities directly.

Global Professional Services
One of the most mission-critical aspects of any transaction-oriented business is the underlying communications network. And yet, as years go by, and staff changes occur, many companies find that they no longer have the staff resources and expertise to effectively manage their in-house networks. Others may find that they have not taken optimum advantage of technology upgrades and refinements that would serve to make their networks more operationally efficient, more reliable and more secure. Our Global Professional Services offer an array of professional service engagements aimed at keeping your network operating at maximum efficiency.

Phoenix Managed Network Services
In 2004, Hypercom took transaction transport to a new level with the introduction of the HBNet Secure Transaction Network. In 2010, Hypercom formed a joint venture with The McDonnell Group that will equip payment processors, banks and retailers worldwide with highly reliable and cost-effective data communications services for transaction-based applications. The joint venture will be called Phoenix Managed Networks LLC.

When powered with the new network service of its own robust, ultra-high density MegaNAC network access controllers (NACs), the Phoenix Managed Networks service is strategically positioned within the Public Switching Telephone Network (PSTN) and at processor data centers.

Hypercom Mobile Network Services
The Hypercom Mobile Network provides a simple, cost effective and efficient GPRS solution for wireless payment terminals. We utilize a network that permits seamless global connectivity for our customers in over 90 countries with access to over 200 GPRS networks.

HyperSafe Remote Key System
The HyperSafeĀ® Remote Key System (HRKS) is the industrys first standards-based remote key injection product for POS terminals. It eliminates the need for offsite secure room key injections by incorporating PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to securely distribute symmetric 3DES keys into terminals that are in a remote, non-secure environment.