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Today, cash is the most in demand payment instrument on the planet. As a result of centuries of global economic development, cash has emerged as the most sophisticated and secure transaction method. Whilst the use of new payment technologies rise and fall, cash is used by billions of people every day, leading to an ever increasing demand for efficient cash handling solutions.

For organisations of any size that handle cash, ensuring it is efficiently managed, secured and accounted for is of paramount importance. The effects of inefficient cash management can be costly, yet the returns from its expert management highly beneficial.

Talaris are world experts in cash management. A global business of over 2,100 personnel, operating from more than 20 countries including over 1,000 service and support staff and 130 business partners Talaris delivers cash handling solutions on every continent, wherever money moves.

With an excess of 250 patents granted across 26 countries Talaris continues to innovate and deliver solutions from a portfolio of technology and services which includes:

Consulting and Project Management
Cash Dispensing and Recycling
Banknote and Coin Handling
Self-Service Solutions.
Integrated Technology (OEM)
Connectivity and Optimisation Software
Full Support Services

In September 2008 following a Management led buy-out, the majority of De La Rues Cash Systems Division became Talaris. The acquisition was backed by Carlyle, one of the worlds largest private equity firms, supporting a proven management team delivering the worlds most comprehensive portfolio of cash handling technology, service and dedicated expertise.