Locking Systems International Inc. has been providing access control and security locks for over 15 years into many different industries. Some of the locks that we provide are: cam locks, vending locks, switch locks, padlocks, electronic key cabinets, and electronic locks.

Locking Systems International Inc. supplies custom built cam locks, switch locks, gaming locks, vending locks, padlocks, door locks and OEM Locks. Locking Systems International is a cam lock manufacturer under our Cobra Lock brand.

For the past 18 years Locking Systems International Inc. has been providing locks and locking solutions to Companies of all sizes and in most all industries. With our manufacturing capabilities we can build locks and locking systems to your exact specification.

LSI can provide complete key control using our custom designed key code program Code LockUP. We can also respond quickly usually overnight to emergency key cutting needs.

We also have the capability to design and manufacture locks and locking systems specifically for for needs. We have our own line of locks Cobra Locks