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Vending cupsDesigned to dispence through automatic vending machines.For more details on paper vending cups, please visit The Paper Vending cup.Stock Design Vending CupsStock design vending cups are available in Raffe (as shown above),white, Green or printed. Our stock design cup is designed to suit the needs ofthe vendor. Raffe for that real coffee house feel and white, for the clean cut,environmentally friendly and fresh image. They are available in 7oz squat, 8oz,10oz and 12oz. The 7oz vending cup is a standard size cup and mostly commonly used forwater dispensing. it has a 73.4mm rim, and lids are available in white to fitthese cups if needed. The 7oz cup is available in squat. It is the mostsuitable for vending machines and water dispensers. The 8oz vending cupis the most commonly used and the most popular. 8oz cups suit the vendingmachines that take cups with a 73.4mm rim. 10oz and 12oz have 78mm rims.

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Vending Cups

Vending Cups

As the speciality coffee market has developed operators of automatic drinks vending machines, have requested a cups that reflects the higher value of fresh brew coffee and tea. Automatic paper vending cups are predominately used in the 250ml / 8oz size; Minimum order quantity for printed paper vending cups is from 100,000. Ring us today to discuss a trial and free samples. read more