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Established 1974

Play Meter magazine is the leading trade publication for the coin-operated entertainment industry. We have chronicled the history of the industry for 35 years! Play Meter is available only by subscription.

We cover the industry every month with new product descriptions, interviews with the movers and shakers (news, and more news!), company profiles, industry trends, family entertainment center information, tax tips, game reviews from players, tournament and league updates, international news, feature stories, classified ads, coverage of all major trade shows, and other articles to help you maximize profits. Our technical section is written by experts in the field.

If you seek insider information about trends, new games, arcades and family entertainment centers, domestic and international news, and major trade events showcasing new equipment, you've come to the right place.

A subscription is $60 per year in the United States and Canada ($150 for foreign countries). You will receive 12 issues (including an Annual Directory issue that lists all manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers in the coin-op industry). Every issue is a valuable source book that you'll keep at your fingertips all year. Sample issues (most current one available) are $5.00 USA, $10.00 foreign. We accept VISA and MC.