Seor Snacks was founded in 1976 as a distributor of Mexican snacks and candy targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. While the Company began by repackaging Mexican salted snacks, peanuts, and candy for the U.S. Hispanic market, it started manufacturing its own product in 1978.

Its products are principally sold under the brand names “Si-Senor” (salty snacks) since 1987, “La Abeja” (nuts and seeds) since 1976 and “Chichos” (pork products) since 2001. The Companys brands are uniquely and successfully positioned to be immediately recognizable to the large and growing Mexican American consumer. The longevity of our brands has helped establish them as the leading Hispanic snack brands in Californiathe largest Hispanic market in the U.S.

The Company operates its own well-established DSD system to serve convenience stores, Mexican markets, small grocery stores, and regional grocery chains in Southern California. In addition to this channel, the Company also sells its products to cash-and-carry stores, vending operations, and independent route drivers in other areas.