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The Concept

Comfort Grip Wrap Cup Sleeves are made from a delicate, but sturdy, translucent, fine-spun plastic foam. This is the same material that lines the inside of all paper hot drink cup and is the basic raw material used to make the plastic cold drink cup.

The inside coating of hot cups acts as a paper cup liner. The material protects the user from "paper taste" and "odor" and protects the true gourmet flavor of the beverage. Our wrap helps make a hot cup easy to hold.

On cold cups, our wrap acts as a barrier between warm hands holding the cup and the beverage inside, reducing wetness.
Promotional Advertising Material

In high end marketing, the package is second in importance to the product being sold.

The package is the most effective POP merchandiser available next to the beverage itself. Why hide the cup?

"Comfort Grip Wrap" Cup Sleeves helps make the sale.

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